Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Well, I'd spend some serious time gloating over my victorious win of the coveted photo grammy of the greater tri-county area (or is it dual-county) but I am too tired and actually there is one thing that happened tonight that TRUMPS the photo trophy. I know, the travesty! What could possibly top the winning of that shiny, priceless, somewhat magicial and destiny touched object of all of our affections? Well...if you must ask...I've been offered an opportunity to speak about my Africa experience in Virginia Beach over spring break. Everytime I talk about it, it is like the biggest gift to me. I know that sounds weird, but it is hard to explain.

Back to the trophy...AHHHHHHH...the pain of disappointment...the anxiety of the moments just before...the thrill of unbridled victory!!!!! Okay, enough of that! My post is lame, but not because of the subject. Steve surreptiously checks for faulty names from the drawing. Seriously though, I feel a little guilty winning. His dedication and creativity alone should earn him at the very least a mini photo grammy!

(Photo deleted...sorry Steve! Hope you aren't too mad at me!)


lindsey said...

OMG I love the dorky pic of steve. I might even be able to ues it against him for gods' knows what. LOL keep up the good work.

meganrockerstar1 said...

just like lindsey said, it is definitely dorky and we will have to make fun of the pic good job

Framing Images and Memories said...


Bridget said...

your nieces kill me:)
never mind steve we'll get em next time!!!!
congratulations jayme on te trophy and your speaking engagement!

trishalyn said...

Well, I'm certainly glad I sneaked a peek at your photo-of-the-day before you deleted it! :-)
Congratulations again on your "victorious win of the photo grammy"...I am happy for you! But I am even more excited to learn of your speaking engagement in Virginia Beach!!! Please tell me more! Yesterday was sure your lucky day! :-)

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