Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lesson learned

I took Joel Mac's advice and bought some inexpensive macro rings online for the model of camera I am using. However, it is a good thing they are cheap because apparently, the camera won't recognize that I have the lens attached to the rings and therefore, I can't change my f stop at all. I had to spend quite a while online to figure this all out. Long story short, I won't be able to get those closeups I want unless I spring for better rings. Think I'll hold off until I save enough money for my chosen camera. Lesson learned, and ugly picture to prove it: the inside of my car headline with the rings...ugh!!!!


Framing Images and Memories said...

Sorry to hear the rings don't work. Interesting picture though Im not sure what it is. I couldn't enlarge it to see. At least you tried, right?? Effort counts, besides you are the champion, there is bound to be a let down from the excitement. If you need to take a few days off, you should.

Bridget said...

i admire your spirit in trying new technology.
of course the trophy holder can afford to take chances:)
if it helps i don't think your picture is ugly at's kinda cool!

Joel MacKenzie said...

I'm glad to see that you're experimenting. You're right about the camera not recognizing the lens with the cheap rings, mine doesn't either. Don't give up though. The cheap rings do take a lot more time and aren't very convenient as I mentioned in my post, but you're still able to get the same shots as the more expensive rings. It just takes a little more time and effort.

What kind of camera do you have? If it's a Canon SLR then you will still be able to adjust the f stops. All Canon SLR's (I'm pretty sure) have an aperture preview button, so you can set the f stop and then press the aperture preview button while disconnecting the lens. Make sure you hold the aperture preview button until the lens is disconnected. Then attach the rings, then the lens. Yhe aperture (or f stop) will stay at whatever you set it at.

However, if you have the extra money, it'd probably be a lot nicer to get the good rings with the electrical contacts. I'm just cheap ;)

Oh, one more thing. Since what you're shooting will be quite magnified, so will camera shake. A tripod will make things a lot easier. If you have a cable release or remote switch of some sort, I'd recommend that (~$10 on eBay). If you don't then use the timer function so that you don't shake the camera when you press the shutter button.

Sorry if I wasn't totally clear when explaining the rings. I feel bad that your experience was less then positive. I hope that you'll stick with it. Let me know if you have any questions.

akaGaGa said...

Hmmph. I thought you went to NYC and got a shot of the Rockettes. :)

trishalyn said...

I couldn't tell what this image was, either...but it made an interesting abstract. Steve's right, though...why don't you take a few days off? (Then I'll have a better chance of winning that SUPER TROPHY next time!!!)

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