Thursday, February 12, 2009

Couldn't find a key!

I thought I would post a key today since that is the assignment for the day, but I discovered that I have no cool looking or special keys! What I SHOULD have posted was the most amazing trophy ever to grace our club. Steve totally went all out in replacing the trophy for the photo group. I mean, this thing is like THE trophy of all time, better than a grammy:) See tomorrow's post for a picture of the trophy. Anyway, back to today, I took a picture of a necklace instead of a key.


Framing Images and Memories said...

Isn't that necklace a "key" to your heart? Isn't it "key" that you had the lighting just right to catch the sparkle? What's "key" here is that you did indeed "unlock" your creativity. It's all interpretation silly!

Bridget said...

i want it:)

Linda said...

Nice job. Can't wait to see the trophy.

trishalyn said...

Steve's right...and your necklace is very pretty. I like the hand in the background, as that gives the necklace perspective. Nicely done!

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