Friday, February 27, 2009

Soft and Still

Dusk creeps quietly into the forest eaves, the dim sky sprinkled with the growing glow of stars and planets. There is a soft breeze playing across my face as I unclip my sword and shield, being as silent as the old trees that sway around me. I feel so much older standing here after the battle, looking down at my stained and sullied hands. I am scarred, weathered like the sand and the rocks must feel as the ocean waves throw themselves ceaslessly upon the shore. But in this peaceful moment, the respite of the day's fulfilment and the night's dawning upon the earth, I can let myself be soft and still. My weapons fall lightly upon the tall grassy forest floor and a sigh escapes my lips as if in answer to the wind. The battle is done; I am still in one piece. Let me close my eyes and dream again.

(Please enlarge for a better view of the filters I used, palette knife and watercolor).


meganrockerstar1 said...

nice job but a little strange but nice

Bridget said...

read like poetry.
love this blog.
i love the essay and i love the picture.
good job jayme!

Framing Images and Memories said...

Interesting filters and results. Funny how a photo of a person, in this case you, brings out features otherwise unnoticed (eye lashes, freckles, etc.) Very brave job too. I think self-portraits are always daring, but then again you are very photogenic.

trishalyn said...

Wow...powerful writing, was full of emotion. Loved the accompanying image as well (cool filters...really liked the effect). Where did you get your inspiration for this story and image? Great job!!!

J.L.Velez said...

I felt that this past week, I was fighting battle after battle in my life and so I just thought I would try to put it into a story format.

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