Saturday, February 28, 2009


I confess: I secretly love telling people I teach at just sounds like such a prestigious job:) But then, I always explain to them that I work at RPI, I don't work for RPI. I work with inner city kids from 7th-10th grade, who, because of their social or economic situations, would mostly likely not be able to attend college. The program I teach for is a state run program that gives kids after school tutoring, enrichment in Math, Science, and English (that's my job), free trips to places like universities and museums, and chances to win scholarships throughout their high school careers. Today, I taught in a place called The VCC. Every building is named after someone, but I don't really know the origins of the names. The VCC is essentially a computer building and also holds offices. I'm pretty sure it was once a church because of the stain glass windowns and construction as you see below. Either way, it's a wonderful place to work in!

The shadows cast from a beautiful day appear on the steps of the VCC and the sidewalk as I leave:


trishalyn said...

I don't care if you work AT RPI or FOR RPI...I'm still impressed! :-) The VCC is a beautiful building, and definitely has the markings of a church. I love the contrast with the deep blue sky! (It sure LOOKED like spring today, even if it didn't FEEL like it!). All your photos are beautiful, but my favorite is the one of the shadows on the steps. Great eye...and fascinating image!

Bridget said...

it is impressive and important work you do at rpi.
the photos are great, such a beautiful building.
i love the shadows on the stairs.
but, where is all the snow?
(i think it is in my yard:)

Framing Images and Memories said...

terrific building and I too think the stairs/shadows is a great pic! I found shadows today also! I also agree with the others that your work at RPI is impressive!

philmary said...

I really like your shadows on the steps, and find your work with the kids great.. 2 things

we work with this boy who is riveted to his video games and can hardly would you get him more interested in academics

You should go to the new video and performance center that is being constructed at RPI and check it out

Linda said...

Well, I'll add my vote for the shadow on the steps too. Very nice--good eye. I don't normally like abstracts, but I find that kind very appealing. AND great job that you do with the kids--hooray for you!

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