Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Chicken Farmer Revealed!

Jonathan is leaving for the Marines tomorrow, so we all had a nice family indoor picnic with hot dogs, mac and cheese, chips, salads, cake and ice cream. My grandfather a.k.a the Chicken Farmer continues to be the funny, clever, unpredictable life of the party. According to my mom, he really started to become this way after the grandchildren (that would be me and my brothers and cousins)were born. Tonight, he commented that I take a picture of everything, don't I? Well, Poppie, I do because I realize, in part from your teachings, that family is a sacred thing. That each moment is precious and each dinner or get together we have always yields a new wonderful memory. Here's my proof!


Framing Images and Memories said...

Two nice portraits. Might look nice side to side showing the serious and fun sides of your grandfather. He looks like a willing subject, not one that runs when the camera comes out! I like reading about your family activities and support.

meganrockerstar1 said...

Very nice pics and your feet are tiny compared to his nice job with the pics

Linda said...

These images are keepers, I hope you're getting these printed out so you can put them in an album. Love the look on "Chicken Farmer's" face in both images. Great post--both the story and images.

Bridget said...

great portraits of your grandfather.
i am glad you had such a great family time.
god bless jonathan!

trishalyn said...

Great photos of your grandfather...they are keepers for sure! I love Steve's idea...get them printed and framed side-by-side!

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