Saturday, April 11, 2009

1st annual Easter Egg Hunt at Glen

This was my first "gig" as a photographer:) I was amazed at how many people showed up, even a former student who looked embarrassed but assured me he was really there to support a younger brother:) With everyone waiting for the big event to begin, there was little to do but chew on one's collecting bucket:

Excitement was evident everywhere I turned...this little guy is one of my secret favorites because of his beautiful blue eyes and huge smile.I'm a HUGE FAN!:

Finally, the whistle blows and the race begins!:

I learned that team work was essential to a good collection:

Here are just a few more of my favorites, but really, I got so many good ones, it is hard to choose!


Bridget said...

these are terrific jayme!
i love the team work pix.
nice job!!!!

Linda said...

Very, very nice images, Jayme. Isn't shooting kids a hoot!! They're so unaffected, unjaded, happy, and their joy and excitement is contagious. Lucky you for your "gig".

trishalyn said...

OH MY GOODNESS...WHAT A GREAT PHOTO ESSAY...THESE ARE FANTASTIC!!!!!! Wow, Jayme, what beautiful images and gorgeous portraits!!!! If you haven't done so, you should get model releases. I would love to see this series printed, matted and placed in one large frame...along with the date and title. What a keepsake it would be! (Another showpiece for the library!!!). I can see you have a second job in your future.
:-) P.S. The image of the child running, with all the eggs on the ground is awesome...and a key element in telling the story!

Framing Images and Memories said...

I can't add more than what was said. They are beautiful and you caught the essence of the day. Those kids are adorable and like Trish said, the running child (who I've never seen still to begin with) is a fun action shot. I think you have this job for years to come!

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