Friday, April 10, 2009

A near life experience

A hike today in the still snowy woods. One of my favorite waterfalls. Mist from the falls becoming ice as it churns upward towards the sky.
Water raging all around me.

For many moments, I longed to become a part of it,
the soft yet powerful pull of the water.

I sat as closely as I could, trying to draw strength from its mighty waves and sprays. For a moment there, I wanted nothing more than to melt seamlessly into the beautiful white waves. I could smell both the new growth of the woods and silent decay of leaves and ferns.

I long to become a part of it all.


Linda said...

Guess you had the day off from work today? Nice images--it looks like you had a good hike. "Raging" is a good word to describe the water, and you certainly caught the essence of it. My favorite, though, is the last one.

meganrockerstar1 said...

Hey awesome job I love the first and just to let you know my cast came off on thurs anyway nice job

Bridget said...

i love them all but the 3rd one is terrific.
i am glad you were able to enjoy this beautiful day.
ps you are a part of it all :)

lindsey said...

amazing job with all the pics I just love them( and next time you go hiking in such a beautiful placce you got to drag me and meg along. keep up the great work

Framing Images and Memories said...

Wonderful job Jayme. Nice to hear from someone as in love with an enchanting forest as myself. There is something powerful about nature! You are part of it.

trishalyn said...

WAIT...DON'T GO...WE WOULD MISS YOU TOO MUCH!!! :-) Great images, crisp and clean. I could almost feel the mist on my face. You captured the raging waters perfectly. My favorite, though, was that last image of the fern surrounded by dead leaves. Great capture! Glad you had such a wonderful day off. (Boy, didn't that weather cooperate for all of us?!)

philmary said...

Those women ...rushing water roaring oceans; wanting to sink back into the void...

Seriously what a beautiful day. We should have a club day in the woods

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