Thursday, April 30, 2009

Water >>>> falls

In a dream

A sky of stars is spread out above me
The soft scent of the grass rises up
Winds its way gently between my fingers
And the heavy blanket of the night folds
Itself obediently between my shoulder blades.
I am cool and cloudless against the darkness
With a silent roar, I stretch out against
The rocks of my existence
Heart beating fiercely against my moist skin
A passionate cry flooding my soul
As I reach for you

And fall

(Don't have too much time to devote tonight. This is my take on the waterfalls assignment!)


Framing Images and Memories said...

Very cool and creative. I love the photo and the poem. In the poem it's as if you are taking the viewpoint of a waterfall. I hope I interpreted that correctly.

philmary said...

Oh you are a waterfall (Steve) .I.Thought that the "passionate cry flooding my soul

As I reach for you
And fall " ,is... Unrequited desire

but yeah...silent roar of my existence ...what figure of speech is that ?

Nice job

lindsey said...

amazing job I love it all. The pic is awesome how you got the individual water droplets and the poem is great you are a true artist. Keep up the great work.

Linda said...

Really nice image. Love the clarity of the water drops. And you wrote the poem? Also, really nice.

trishalyn said...

Love your interpretation of the assignment! Great image and wonderful poem...awesome combination!!! I'm curious how you shot that image. I assume you used flash? And that froze the water droplets as well as darkened the background? You should check out the work of famous photographer Harold Edgarton (I think I spelled his name correctly).

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