Friday, May 1, 2009

The hands of perseverance

To cap off the great and amazing show, our first (by the way, you can visit it at the Frothingham Library!) we held the monthly drawing for the coveted photographer's trophy of the MVP-ers. The tension is somewhat akin to a Roman gladiator battle to the death! The winner...someone who has persevered and been patiently waiting the chance to grasp the cup of champions...
STEVE! Congratulations on your win and Trish, you also are a winner in my book. Your work on our show was tremendous and hasn't gone overlooked.


Linda said...

Nice shots Jayme. I really like the one where Steve is holding the paper with his name.

philmary said...

Wild abandon clutching the trophy to her passionate bosom...too sensual?

Framing Images and Memories said...

It feels so good to finally be recognized for my brilliance! Ha...thanks so much for the tribute to myself..I mean it is a tribute, right? Not just a quick mention but more like a full-out tribute to ME. Me, me, me

Bridget said...

painful to see the coveted trophy someone else:)
great photos jayme.
i was so sad not to be there last night but i thought of you all.
beautiful waterfalls also.
i esp liked the first one.

trishalyn said...

Creative shots, Jayme...I like them both!

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