Saturday, June 6, 2009

Come with me

Come with me
Let us walk along the river bank
Hidden among tall shady trees

Walk with me
In this ancient canvas
Where the leaves whisper secrets to us
And the mysteries of the rocks cry out

Laugh with me
Let us trade our sorrows for sunbeams
our tears for the songs of birds
and let us use the blanket of green living things
to keep us warm as the sun goes down.

Come with me
Take my hand
and just be


trishalyn said...

Beautiful prose (is that the right word, teacher?) to accompany your lovely photos. I felt as though I was being pulled right into your images. Wonderful post!

Bridget said...

lovely nature images.
i felt i was taking the walk with you.
your writing is very good and made the pictures come to life.

philmary said...

nice image of the tree filled with rocks..Human interaction with nature ,but in a primordial place ana manner.

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