Sunday, June 7, 2009

Please tell me what you think!

Okay, this is definitely one of those pictures that I totally love and I want your honest opinions on. I woke up around six and came downstairs only to find this beautiful picture of the light streaming through the clouds. Unfortunately I didn't look at how dusty my lens was when I took it. This is the first shot unedited!
I spent some time editing, cloning and getting rid of the dusty marks as well as adding a filter to disguise my ineptitude (is that a word?) at photography, resulting in this image:

Then I decided I still wasn't happy! I wanted to create a lake reflection of these clouds instead of the same old foreground of the trees, my driveway, and 67. Boy this was taking me a while! I worked hard on it and finally got what I mostly wanted:
Now don't be afraid of hurting my feelings....really give your honest thoughts on the lake reflection. Now that I know how to do it, I can change the way the "water" looks. Let loose!


trishalyn said... asked, so here goes: #1 is nice and I like that there is some definition in the dark areas, but I do see the dust flaws! :-) #2 is much better! The colors are intensified; the streaks of light more pronounced. You lost some of that definition in the lower half (the dark area) but you also cropped it tighter, so that is fine...and I like the silhouette of the trees. #3 is great!!! I love reflection images, and you've done a wonderful job of creating this one! The resulting image has a pleasing symmetry to it. I applaud you for your creativity and willingness to experiment with different techniques. Awesome work, Jayme!
:-) P.S. Only one thing bothered me...I could not enlarge any of them, and I really wanted to!!! :-)

Bridget said...

your hard work and creativity really paid off.
the pictures are good better best in my humble opinion.
i think 2 and 3 stand very well on there own.
your skill and computer knowledge continue to impress!

meganrockerstar1 said...

nice job i like the first and second pic the best

Linda said...

I like the second one best--there's a little more color in the clouds.

The third one would be stronger if you cropped off some of the bottom to lower the horizon. As it is now, it practically cuts the image in half.

You did a great job on creating a lake reflection out of nothing, but the more interesting part of the image is still the sky. By cutting off some of the bottom, you'd still get the idea of a reflection, but the sky would remain the dominant part of the image.

I can imagine this took quite a bit of work, good for you.

Framing Images and Memories said...

I like the 3rd image best...more dreamy. I agree with Linda of cropping to move the horizon-just a bit. I applaud you for taking the time with filters. It's very detailed and careful work at times so good for you!

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