Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mike's suggestion for my earlier Sunday post

(See Sunday's actual post before reading!)
Mike has very strong opinions on what photography is and I keep telling him he needs to get a camera soon! Anyway, he really likes a more natural photo, not all this digital playing around. So I used the natural picture this time and just added filter to the reflection part. The result is different from my earlier picture from today, less Monet-esque and more real and I think it just as much if not more!


meganrockerstar1 said...

awesome job

trishalyn said...

Great suggestion, Mike...and good job, Jayme, for following through! I love this one the best!!! (BTW...I was able to enlarge this version, but still not the earlier ones. Would love to compare both images in the larger format).

Bridget said...

by far my favorite!
you have a good advisor on your hands:)

Linda said...

I agree with the repost and the other's comments. I think that cropping off just a bit more of the bottom of the image would make it stronger.

Nice job with the editing.

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