Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New trick!

After a long day fraught with complications and allergies galore, I walked out to the beautiful decaying barn to get a picture. It is un-save-able so at some point, it will have to come down. I took a few pics of the barn, then turned around and shot some cat tails in the sun. Then I came back in and played with photoshop. I still figure out the multiple exposure thing on the camera, but I figured out how to merge two photos, one being the main photo and one being more transparent. Here are the results: Which do you like better?

I also took the cat tails and transposed it onto my eye from last week. The resulting shot is, I think, pensive, thought provoking. I could see it as a book cover. What do you think?


meganrockerstar1 said...

AWESOME JOB i LOVE the second pic and i will be making it my desktop for my laptop and the second one i could see it beening a bookcover all and all nice job

lindsey said...

Amazing job with the pics they are great. I love the second one and the 3rd one is nice too.

Bridget said...

i like the first barn pix and the last one of the eye is wonderful!
good luck with the allergies.

Framing Images and Memories said...

I like the second picture. I think of it is as a once thriving farm that has faded into unuse, perhaps not even standing any longer. A ghost of what was. As far as Megan using YOUR photo as a wallpaper...well, I think you know that response :)

trishalyn said...

I was blown away by your eye image!!! Yes, I can certainly SEE (excuse the pun!)that photo on a book cover...YOUR BOOK! Very creative and eye-catching (excuse the pun!). As for the barn photos...I really like them both, but will vote for #1, because the bright, white spot in #2 is distracting to me. Great job, Jayme...I love your imagination and originality!!!

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