Saturday, September 26, 2009

A great day

I woke up feeling much better so when Mike invited me to go to Queensbury for his son's soccer game, I was very excited to go. It was a beautiful Saturday morning, cold and clear and a lovely drive to the game. Michael did pretty well seeing as how this is the first year he has played soccer and only their third game so far. They lost 2-0 and he almost had a shot on goal. The sunlight was so intense, I had a little trouble controlling the light for the shots, but these I liked fairly well. Also, I wasn't quite as recovered as I hoped; the game took quite a bit out of me. ONE DAY LEFT TO POST AND I WILL HAVE DONE 365 DAYS!
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trishalyn said...

Glad you are feeling better!!! :-)

Nice shots...and I love your creativity on the last one! Very cool!

Zezee's View said...

All the pictures are great - I do really like the last one.
Keep feeling better!

Anonymous said...

the last one...thumbs up!

and anxiuosly awaiting the "grand finale" picture!

Framing Images and Memories said...

You could help us with the yearbook considering your talent for action shots! Nice photos and use of partial coloring.

Linda said...

Nice shots. It's hard enough getting action shots of soccer when you're feeling good, so I'd say you did a great job.

Of course, in spite of not feeling well, I bet the adrenaline kicked in!

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