Wednesday, December 2, 2009


There are so many pictures I wanted to try for this assignment, but I decided on this macro shot from a few weeks ago. This time of year always makes me feel vulnerable. One year ago Sunday, I lost one of my good friends to cancer. The holidays, while always full of family and cheer, also bring a remembrance of pain and loneliness. And so I find myself much like this snowflake, clinging to the glass, hopeful yet so vulnerable to the outside world. A single brush of a finger and the snowflake drifts away. Sometimes I feel like my soul is like a snowflake, delicate, tender, unique, always somehow standing on its own...scared of being brushed away.


trishalyn said...

Very poetic writing!

I was amazed by your image. Is this really a snowflake, or frost? Would you mind emailing me the details of how you captured it? Great job!

Framing Images and Memories said...

Beautiful image and writing. I love the isolation of the main snowflake, as the others gather to frame it. Your writing is often emotional and certainly exposes part of your heart. Nice interpretation.

Linda said...

Nice image, and great interpretation of the assignment--insightful.

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