Thursday, March 11, 2010

People, not a direct hit

The assignment was "people, not a direct hit" from Bridget. I figured I would post my pictures so that Linda could see them, but also to get myself back into the blogging mood. I took a few months ago but I would like to start getting back into my photography. So there they are! I'm really going to try to keep posting once a week if I can. I need the practice and I do miss taking shots!


Semperfi_love said...

I love the last one of the legs. It reminds me of dancing. It's great!

Bridget said...

wonderful job with the assignment esp the last one.
i am so happy to see your photos again.i have missed them.

trishalyn said...

Terrific interpretation of our assignment! I love them's difficult to choose a favorite, but I must agree with your other fans...the last one of the legs is outstanding. You should do a book of your self-portraits!

I'm really glad to see you posting again...I, too, have missed you...welcome back!!! :-)

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