Monday, May 17, 2010

Here today....

Original picture summer 2009

Latest picture May 2010
Which crop of the 2010 pictures do you like better?


Bridget said...

wow these are so cool!
i am so happy you got the great pix of the barn before it went down.
as for the crop i prefer the 1st.
nice black and whites!

Linda said...

Another sad happening. It always breaks my heart when I see one of these beautiful old barns falling to wrack & ruin.

I like the first crop if you're using it to compare it to the original image. But as a stand-alone image, I like the third one better. said...

Great shots!!! congratulations!!!


trishalyn said...

I had the same thoughts as Linda. If used as a comparison to the original image, crop #1 is better. But based strictly on the merits of the image, I prefer crop #2!

Either way...terrific b/w images! :-)

Framing Images and Memories said...

Like the others, crop 3 is my favorite. I miss the roof ornament and far left side peak of photo 2 but I prefer less yard in front.

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