Saturday, October 4, 2008

Old things

I've been in bed sick most of the day today, but I couldn't let that stop me from posting something. Going outdoors is not an option so I looked around for something interesting to shoot. The only thing I could find was a few very old glass jugs that my mother gave to me last year. She had found them lurking away in her old farmhouse and was about to toss them when I intervened. I love old things!
So here are a few shots of one of the jugs, nothing very exciting but at least it's something! I'm going back to bed now!


linda said...

Great idea. I, too, love old things to photograph. I especially like the third image. Amazing that you were able to even "care" about taking photos while not feeling well. How many of these old, glass jar treasures did you get from mom?

trishalyn said...

Wow...I can't believe someone sick enough to be in bed could take such amazing images. You are truly an inspiration! Sure hope you feel better, Jayme! :-)

Framing Images and Memories said...

I love the second..did you do the zoom in/out technique? Hope you feel better soon!

akaGaGa said...

I love the third picture, HB, but I don't at all like that you're sick! Prayers are being said.

akaGaGa said...

Oops! Almost forgot. (Must be that fibrofog.)

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